Hotel Eden



The debut Hotel Eden album "Rewind" is available at digital retailers right now. East Bay Express describes this full-length as "psychedelic," but that cliché would fail to capture how remarkable this release is." That's a pretty cool thing to say, so check out their kind words here:

Get your own copy of the full length debut album "Rewind" at your favorite digital store here.

More info about the album here. It's available on Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, and other digital retailers.


Hi, everybody- My live bandmates Louis, Sam, John, and I have shared an amazing year-and-a-half experience together in our adaptations and explorations surrounding my Hotel Eden solo release, "Rewind." I wouldn't trade the fun we have had for the world.

In August I will be returning to Columbus, Ohio with my wife and two children to live there. After playing dozens of California shows together, the guys and I have said some sad goodbyes. Although heartbreaking for everyone (just as we were beginning to focus on creating some collaborative tunes!), this is ultimately a good choice. The 'life timing' is right for all of us in Hotel Eden, and as I go, Columbus is a GREAT town to raise a family and make some music. Tons of great artists and things to explore.

My personal goal is to head back to Ohio, get situated, and focus on more solo material for now; also do some beekeeping and work on growing things. Like spinach. That stuff is killer, no? I will miss California with all of my heart; my West Coast friends, fan family, my precious coastline and Princeton Jetty surf, everything. Most of all though, I will miss playing live with three of the best friends a guy could ever share a stage (or really stuffy rehearsal space) with.

THANK YOU for your love and support, both onstage and off. There are so many people who went out of their way to provide projections, stage support, art, media coverage, food, ideas... you name it, while we did our thing here in California. You have fulfilled a mega dream of mine. I especially want to thank my bandmates who invested in so much time and creativity into something I feel became more and more worthwhile every second. THANK YOU ALL so much. I wish us all luck on our independent creative and life journeys! And listening friends, ear out for more Hotel Eden music as things get settled in the near future to come. The last five years in California with these folks has been so inspiring...

PS- Our bass player John Nash has been doing some awe-inducing ukelele work. Check out his site at and know that he's about to release a video that made my jaw drop with jealousy and complete STOKE. It's beautiful, so get on over there and dig his tunes.